My travel dates:

01 December – 13 December 2017

Traveled km:

Flight Berlin – Lilongwe: 7647 km
Lilongwe -> 329 km -> Cape Maclear -> 315 km -> Mulanje -> 119km -> Zomba -> 333 km -> Lilongwe
Flight Lilongwe – Berlin: 7647 km
Altogether: 16,390 km


Flight: €669.34  / $791.37
Travel costs for 13 days: €854.77  / $1010.61
Visa (mandatory): €62.90  / $75.00

About Malawi:

Capital: Lilongwe
Population: 18.091.575
Currency: Kwacha



Klaus Guest House

Single room, shared bathroom, simple, centrally located in a poorer part of town. They also have one room with a private bathroom. A place where locals stay and it’s run by really nice people but they don’t all speak English. Inconvenient if you don’t have your own car. There’s no generator when there are power cuts but there are candles:) Good place for adventuresome people looking for something authentic.

I paid: €13.50  / $16.00  a night

Info: A pick-up from the guesthouse is cheaper than taking a taxi from the airport



My Rating

3 out of 5 Stars

The Funky Cichild

Single room, shared bathroom, simple, clean, healthy and yummy food in the restaurant/bar with an amazing view. Breakfast is not included but you can order a delicious breakfast in their restaurant. Nice staff that speak English. Good for backpackers as well as couples. They also have single rooms with private bathrooms. It’s also possible to put up your own tent on the premises. They have a generator.

A pick-up from Lilongwe can be arranged.

Important info: No ATMs in town, bring cash!

I paid: €21.29  / $26.10  a night


Cape Maclear

My Rating

Stars: 4 out of 5

Mufasa Eco Lodge

This place is right on the beach. I had a double bed with shared bathrooms that are quite far away from the room – kind of scary if you need a toilet in the middle of the night. It’s simple but clean and totally okay to stay for a few nights. They use solar energy and so you always have electricity. They have their own restaurant that makes good food.It’s not central but taxis or minibuses can pick you up. There’s a hippy vibe which is no surprise as it is run by an older expat-hippie woman.

I paid: €10.55  / $12.61  a night


Monkey Bay


My Rating

3 out of 5 Stars

Likhubula Hiker’s Nest

Clean and safe, homey feeling. They have their own restaurant and can cook simple but yummy food. There is not much around, so it’s a good thing to have. Friendly, a bit nosy but also helpful staff. They can organize you a guide for any planned activities. Breakfast is not included. They have a generator and they speak English.

I paid a special price: €12.72  / $15.00  a night

Normal price: $22.00  a night for a single room


Mulanje / Likhubula

My Rating

3.5 out of 5 Stars

Peters Lodge

Single room with a private bathroom. Not central. Breakfast included. But it’s a DUMP! Dirty kind of feeling. Use your own mosquito net! My sink was practically falling out of the wall, the door lock looked like someone had tried to break in a few times. There were cockroaches and other creatures running around. Not a place to stay longer than necessary.

I paid: €20.83  / $24.53  a night

A better alternative: The Pakachere




My Rating

1.5 out of 5 Stars

Mafumu Lodge

To cut costs, I shared a room with a private bathroom, AC, and WIFI with another traveler I had met. Clean and safe, with a guarded gate, in a richer part of town. A good big breakfast is included, as are a large pool outside and 24 hours electricity. The buffet at lunch gave me some stomach problems and the receptionists are not that competent but other than that, it’s a good bet and close to the airport.

Room for two people: €101.00  / $125.00  a night



My Rating

4 out of 5 Stars

*Please note that prices may differ or fluctuate. Please contact the Hotels/Lodges directly for more information.