My travel dates:

13. December – 30. December 2018

Traveled km:

Flight Antananarivo -> Lusaka: 2079 km
Lusaka -> 193 km Siavonga -> 496 km Livingstone -> 194 km Sesheke -> 680 km Lusaka
Flight Lusaka -> Addis Ababa: 3862 km
Altogether: 7504 km


Flight one way: €598.07 / $685.15
Travel costs for 17 days: €998.33 / $1069.01
Visa for 30 days, you receive it on arrival: €43.64 / $50.00

About Zambia:

Capital: Lusaka
Population: 15,7 million
Currency: Kwacha



Natwange Backpackers

This place is in a good area with a new spacious and modern shopping mall nearby. Everyone goes to the mall here, even for drinks in the evening, so it’s nice to have a good one in the neighborhood.
You can get a dorm bed here, a double or single room with a shared bathroom or a room with a bathroom. Prices range from €9.00 – €40.00 / $10.00 – $46.00 a night. The place has a pool, a patio, and a large garden to sit and chill in and they have wifi that works.
The rooms are clean but also basic. Breakfast is included but it’s also very basic (an egg, 2 pieces of toast, peanut butter, jam and instant coffee).
I found the staff friendly but not efficient. It took them forever to bring breakfast and once, when I needed a bottle of water, one of the staff members had taken off with the key for the refrigerator (who locks the refrigerator anyhow..?) and no-one knew when that person was coming back. I waited around an hour for a bottle of water, things like that need to be managed better. Still, I stayed here twice because the price was reasonable for what you get. But make sure they charge you the price you booked for online. They wanted to charge me more than the amount I had booked for but they changed the receipt when I pointed it out.
They also have a small menu featuring a few simple dishes.
A pick-up from and to the airport can be organized.

Info: I got a pick-up for €18.50 / $20.90
Single Room: €22.00 / $25.00 a night incl. breakfast

Tips to eat out and sleep in Lusaka: The Royal Dill

Good quality Indian food, it just takes a little until the food arrives:

Lilayi Lodge / Eat and sleep:
Here you’ll be surrounded by wildlife, you’ll get great food and it’s a great place to sleep, too. Just a little expensive, but if you want to treat yourself to something nice then it’s a great place to be:



My Rating

3.5 out of 5 Stars

Lake Kariba Inns

Although I was working, the moment I arrived, I wanted to put my feet up and relax. They have two pools, a bar, a lounge and restaurant serving a mix of local and western food. The rooms are spacious and clean with proper AC.
At the bar and refurbished restaurant you have an amazing view over lake Kariba. There are zebras and impala strolling freely in the garden, so you can get really close to the animals, I loved that.
On Saturday they had a sunset gin and tonic bar with all sorts of different gins and tonics—I really liked that, too! For breakfast they provide a large buffet with everything you like. The lunch and dinner menu was also very good and very fresh and modern, you can get healthy quality meals at a good price. The staff is very attentive, a lot of love and thought has gone into the place. The hotel was a bit out of my budget, but they helped me out and sponsored my stay! Thank you so much! If I was on vacation, I would definitely stay here!

Double room: €100.00 / $114.00 a night, incl. breakfast



My Rating

5 out of 5 stars

Tabonina Guest House

There are two Tabonina Guest houses, an old one and a new one. I was traveling with a friend in this week, and we shared a double room and split the price. The first night we were in the new place and had a room without AC, just with a fan, but you need AC. It just costs a tiny bit more to have a room with AC. We switched to the new place because of that, it was a bit further outside of town but it didn’t make a dramatic difference: I needed 20 minutes to walk to the city center from the guest house. The room, especially in the older Tabonina Guest House, was very nice and clean, the water pressure in the bathroom was not the best but that’s normal for an average guest house. There is a pool in the middle of the property, nothing fancy and it’s a bit dirty to swim in, but you can still chill there. Breakfast is included, but there isn’t very much to it. If you want, you can order pressed coffee instead of the instant version and scrambled eggs at a surcharge. The owners were helpful and nice. I would stay here again

Double room for two people / no AC: €43.00 / $49.00 a night, incl. breakfast
Double room for two people / with an AC: €43.50/ $49.50 a night, incl. breakfast

Tips to eat out in Livingstone:

The Elephant Café is said to be Zambia’s best restaurant. I would have loved to eat here, surrounded by elephants. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time or the money…but I think I can safely recommend it:

The Royal Livingstone: If you want to go for a nice dinner and can’t afford the Elephant Café, then come here. I wouldn’t be able to afford to sleep here, but they have a sunset bar with a spectacular view on the Zambezi where you can still see the Victoria Falls. I loved it, it had such a perfect atmosphere. They have a restaurant that is quite expensive, definitely European prices. Here, they serve fish, steak but also local dishes like the mopane worm, in fancy versions. They have a huge beautiful pool and zebras strolling through the garden.
Don’t confuse this place with “The David Livingstone Hotel” that’s next door and not as nice for an evening outing.

Café Zambezi:
Yummy local food (including mopane worms) near the city center, good for lunch at a good price:

The Golden Leaf:
An Indian Restaurant with good food and at moderate prices, near the city center:



My Rating

3.5 out of 5 Stars

At Georgie’s
In a small village called Likanda, right outside of the town of Sesheke, on the Zambezi river, I found George by chance. I couldn’t find a place to stay and nobody was responding to my short notice request and then someone referred me to him. Everyone knows and loves “Georgie”, as they call him in Sesheke. Without him, I would have never been able to find the beautiful story of the “last gentleman of the Zambezi” for the cookbook. He showed me around and helped me get a good picture of the area.
George’s property reflects his love for wood and nature, he’s a carpenter and runs a small timber business. He let us stay in his two beautiful guest rooms that he built single handedly, each has a large wooden double bed that he also built himself.
It was an amazing experience to be guests in his home where my friend and I ate well and slept well. I learned a lot and saw a lot in a short time thanks to his help. If you are ever in the area and you need a nice place to crash for a few nights, then give George a call or WhatsApp him!
You’ll love it! Thank you Georgie!


Sesheke District


+260 6995941

My Rating

5 out of 5 Stars

Care For Kids Orphanage

I spent the last days of my trip, including Christmas, with my dad at his orphanage farm “Care for Kids”, where around 50 children live. On the property they have a kindergarten and a primary school for the younger kids. The older ones go to a public school. Right now, my dad is building three more schools to take in more kids in the surrounding areas. Next to the schools my dad has planted vegetables such as cabbage, rape and beans and of course some maize that the orphanage uses for self consumption. They have chickens and two cows that give enough milk so the kids can have some every day. My dad built this farm over the past 15 years and without an organization behind him. He needs all the support he can get. So if you’re interested in getting involved or supporting the project then contact my dad at:



*Please note that prices may differ or fluctuate. Please contact the Hotels/Lodges directly for more information.