My travel dates:

20 March – 06 April 2018

Traveled km:

Flight Berlin – Windhoek: 8359 km
Windhoek -> 208 km Omaruru -> 51 km Omandumba Bush Camp -> 51 km Omaruru -> 239 km Okakarara -> 522 km Ondangwa -> 34 km Ongula Village -> 34 Ondangwa-> 132 km Tsandi-> 152 km Opuwo -> 60 km Oruhona -> 60km Opuwo -> 259 km Ondangwa -> 799 Walvis Bay
Flight Walvis Bay – Cape Town: 1832 km
Altogether: 12,792 km


Flight: €640.38 / $782.76
Travel costs for 14 days: €1248,57 / $1533,12
Visa: As a European I didn’t need a visa

About Namibia:

Capital: Windhoek
Population: 2.324.388
Currency: Namibia-Dollar



Immanuel Lodge

This place has one of the best cooks in all of Namibia. And the property is beautiful. It’s the perfect place to end or to start your trip. The owners Sabine and Stephan, an immigrated German couple, run the place with all their heart. They go out of their way to make sure you have everything you need.
Dinner is a four meal course for around €21.00 / $25.00. You are sure to be served steak, but all meat is good quality and organic in Namibia. Stefan, the owner, cooks himself and he puts a lot of love into every dish.
The rooms are simple but clean and totally sufficient to feel at home. On the property there are springbock, impala and ostriches as well as a turtle that you will see. There is also a nice pool to relax at.
This place is perfect for families and couples. Single travelers might feel a bit lonesome here…
The only small set back is that it’s 50 km outside of Windhoek. But you can get a pick-up from the airport or to the airport. If you don’t have a car, you’ll just have to stay there and relax. Thank you for sponsoring!

Double room per night: €49.00/ $60.00 per person, incl. breakfast
Single use per night: €54.00 / $66.00 incl. breakfast
Transfer: Can be arranged before arrival/departure



My Rating

5 out of 5 Stars

Tips for Eating in Windhoek:

Urban Camp
It’s a restaurant on a camping site, with a lot of young people, self service, European but also local dishes. You can also get some vegetarian food, which isn’t always easy to find in Namibia. There’s a pool and music. A nice place to chill and totally affordable. Also a good place to sleep.

Means “to ignite”
Traditional Food from the North
You’ll get marathon chicken, which is tough because it’s wild chicken. There is sand in the spinach because if it’s over-washed it loses its flavor, and you can try Mopane worms. It’s a traditionally set up place and worth the experience.
It’s more of an evening place a bit further out from the center.

This restaurant also serves traditional food from the north. The interior is not as cozy as Xwama but it’s more central, more local and a bit cheaper than Xwama.


The Stellenbosch Wine Bar
Also nice for burgers, steaks, salads, and good wine.

Omandumba Bush Camp

A family farm owned by Namibian Germans Deike and Harald. Deike shows genuine interest in every guest and never seems to get tired of asking questions. Harald, her husband, is a real German cowboy and both are great and amusing authentic hosts who you can learn a lot about the area from, if you ask. You’re 50 km from the next town and surrounded by nature and the Erongo mountains. Nothing is kept locked up, not even your tent. There is not much more than nature surrounding you, so it’s absolutely safe and no need to worry. You’ll sleep in a comfortable tent with an adjoining bathroom with warm water. The tent isn’t spacious but you won’t be spending your time in there anyway. In the morning you’ll wake to the most amazing sunrises you can watch from your bed. You can go for a run in the morning and only find animal footprints in the sand. At 8:00 am you’ll be served breakfast together with the rest of the guests at a big table, the same for lunch and dinner, depending on if you booked full or half board. Prepare yourself for a lot of meat and game. There’s no menu, which is a small minus point, you get what the chef serves. It can be a little difficult for vegetarians and even more for vegans …The owners used to hunt their own meat but at the moment they’re giving the wildlife a bit of a rest. At night you’ll sit around a campfire and chat with the other guests. And you will see a lot of wild life jumping around. It’s amazing! In the day time, you can go out on hikes through the Erongo mountains or visit the San tribe in the live museum, a few kilometers away. The tribesmen will explain and show you how they live traditionally.
This is the perfect place to chill for a few days, take in nature and have a deep breath.
You’ll have wifi but no phone reception.
The Bush Camp is 50 km out of Omaruru. If you don’t have a car, you’ll have to organize a pick-up, which is not always possible, or get a taxi to drive you out there.
They also have camping spots, if you have your own tent. If you’re not so into tents, they also have nice rooms on their guest farm a few km away.
You can book full or half board.
I loved this place and can recommend it for families, couples or solo-travelers.
They gave me half price on a full board stay – thank you so much!

Bush Camp or Guest farm per night: €76.00 / $94.00 per adult, full board
Bush Camp or Guest farm per night: €38.00 / $47.00 per child, full board
Bush Camp or Guest farm per night: €69.00 / $85.00 per adult, half board
Bush Camp or Guest farm per night: €34.00 / $85.00 per child, half board



My Rating

4 out of 5 Stars

Steps for Children Guesthouse

Steps for Children is a charity organization that provides educational support for the community. A few houses down from the project, they have a guesthouse where I stayed. The rooms are clean and simple and come with adjoining bathrooms. It’s a self-catering accommodation with a communal kitchen. You won’t find the best quality food in the supermarkets of Okakarara, I had a hard time finding good vegetables or fruits. I would recommend buying food at a Spar supermarket in a bigger city before coming. If you don’t have a car, you can get to the supermarket in Okakarara by taxi, it will only cost you N$10, which is around €0.70/$0.80. While I was there, I had a few really nice young volunteers that showed me to my room and were living on the same property. But I had to ask for a towel, and for wifi, and almost everything I needed to know. I didn’t really get much assistance. This is a good stop-over place. You’ll see a lot of Herero people. The town doesn’t have many foreigners so you’ll get an authentic impression. Just don’t expect luxury.

Double room with bathroom per night: €31.00 / $38.00
Single room with a bathroom per night: €19.00 / $23.00
Guided city tour per person: €10.26 / $12.58



My Rating

3 out of 5 Stars

Ongula Village Homestead Lodge

Built alongside a live homestead, 4 exquisite Rondawels (African-style round huts) accommodating 8 guests offer exclusivity and the luxury of home. You will be participating in local chores, delighting in local culinary dishes and drinks, and learning local arts and crafts.
A “homestead” is a property with a farm where a big family lives. What we would call a house for them is the whole property and what we call rooms for them is the many huts on that property.
If you want something authentic but nice, this is the place to visit! It’s on the countryside, around 34 km outside of the city of Ondangwa.
For breakfast, lunch, and dinner you will be served traditional food, often with a modern twist. You’ll get freshly baked bread as well as other yummy surprises. This is a full board stay! You’ll eat marathon chicken and Mahangu and watch the chefs cook for you. They grow as much as they can in the homestead or in the back garden of the kitchen lodge.
The staff is lovely and keen to see to your every need but in a very personal way, making you feel like you’re the only guest – which you might just be. This is not a tourist trap but a beautiful place to watch sunsets and get a real feel for Namibia, the Aawambo tribe, what they eat and how they live their lives.
The rooms are basic but comfortable, and the shower is a bit low on pressure, but that’s just a small minus point. All in all, if you come to Namibia then visit the Ongula! The lodge gave me a large discount with food included to help me out – thank you so much!

Double room with bathroom per night: €82.65 / $101.13 per person, full board
Info: If you don’t have a car, a pick-up can be arranged



My Rating

5 out of 5 Stars

Ohakane Guesthouse

This is nothing fancy but it works. Opuwo is quite a poor small city and it feels a bit dodgy but the Himba tribe and the Herero live nearby, so tourists come here for guided tours to the villages. The receptionist helped me find a guide for the next day right away, which I highly appreciated! The guesthouse is clean but my toilet was leaking. But then they gave me another room. There’s a small pool, an AC and at night a guard at the front. However, there is no restaurant in the guesthouse and not many good places to eat around.

Double room with bathroom per night: €34.00 / $41.80 per person incl. breakfast

Opuwo Country Lodge

Alternatively, if you want something fancy where you can relax and also eat, there’s the “Opuwo Country Lodge” but it’s expensive.



My Rating

2.5 out of 5 Stars

The Delight Swakopmund

This is a design hotel with an eye for detail, situated in the center of the city, kind of like “Motel-One” in Germany, just much nicer and more personal. It’s quite large yet the staff is very friendly and takes care that you have everything you need. The breakfast is abundant, with brown bread, freshly made eggs, pancakes, and fresh fruit juices – really good! There is no restaurant in the hotel but a lot of different places to eat in town which you can easily reach by foot. The rooms are spacious and clean, each equipped with a little terrace or balcony. And you have free coffee, tea, and cookies in your room. It’s a place with a lot of Germans and quite a few big tour companies pass through here as well. I really enjoyed my stay. It was the perfect place to sort myself out before the next journey! I can highly recommend this place! Thank you for sponsoring!

Double room with bathroom per night: €82.00 / $100.30 per person incl. breakfast
Single room with a bathroom per night: €102.00 / $125.00 per person incl. breakfast

Other Hotel Tips for Swakopmund:

Strand Hotel
A little more luxurious, you’ll find the Strand Hotel directly on the beach. They have a restaurant with good quality food.

Salty Jackal Backpackers
For those on a budget, there’s this place which is also a good bet.

Eating tips for Swakopmund:

Cordes & Co.
Good coffee and cake but also amazing salads and yummy main dishes, fresh juices, and western food. A daytime café.

Bojos Cafe
Another daytime café where you can sit outside. Simple, healthy, and inexpensive dishes.

Also a really nice daytime café with burgers and salads with avocado, quinoa, salmon as well as fresh juices and cakes – yum!



My Rating

5 out of 5 Stars

*Please note that prices may differ or fluctuate. Please contact the Hotels/Lodges directly for more information.