My travel dates:

28 November – 13 December 2018

Traveled km:

Flight Entebbe -> Antananarivo: 2,668 km
Antananarivo -> 175 km Antsirabe -> 484 km Morondava -> 657 km Antananarivo -> 1,109 km Diego-Suarez -> 244 km Ankify Harbor -> 26.5 km Nosy Be -> 618.1 Antananarivo
Flight Antananarivo -> Lusaka: 2,078.81 km
Altogether: 8,060.41 km


Flight one way: €450.42 / $512.42
Two domestic flights: €535.76 / $609.32

Travel costs for 15 days: €1,096.38 / $1,2447.73
Visa on arrival: €35.00 / $37.00

About Madagascar:

Capital: Antananarivo
Population: 25.57 million
Currency: Ariary



Maison Lovasoa

This place is smack in the center of the city, which makes it really easy to reach sightseeing spots by foot. If you go by taxi, you’ll get stuck in traffic. I stayed here upon arrival and before my departure. They were not very good at communicating whether I would get a pick-up, which was a bit frustrating. But when I arrived, everything went smoothly. It’s always important to organize a pick-up before you arrive, it’s much safer. The staff is really nice but only two of them spoke English. So it did get complicated sometimes….One of the staff members accompanied me into town to take some pictures, I gave him a little tip for that and he was really happy!
The rooms are nice and clean and you have your own bathroom, although the water in the shower takes a really long time to get hot. They have a small basic menu. I would recommend eating out, there are a lot of places around. The breakfast is basic and okay but not included. They have WiFi which usually works quite well. At this place, you definitely get good value for your money. I would stay here again!
When going to the airport during the daytime, calculate at least 2–3 hours to get there. You actually only need an hour but the traffic can get really bad!

Info: I got a pick-up for €14.00 / $15.80
Single room: €17.00 / $19.20



My Rating

3.5 out of 5 Stars

Antsirabe Hotel

There are a lot of hotels where you can stay. Antsirabe is also said to be really a safe city in Madagascar. This place is not so central but the value for your money is good. The rooms are clean, with adjoining bathrooms and if the water is on, there is water, although with little pressure. One day I only had a bucket shower. They brought me hot water but the pressure was better than the actual shower, so I was quite okay with it… They have WiFi and a restaurant serving a few basic dishes for lunch or dinner. The staff was really nice and friendly and helped me find my guide (Yves, see below). Breakfast is not included. In Madagascar hotels, a typical breakfast consists of baguette, jam and butter, and eggs, plus a glass of juice. This is not a hotel for hanging out and relaxing but it’s totally okay to sleep here, for me it was perfect.

Single room: €15.00 / $17.00 a night, not incl. breakfast

Guide Tip:
Yves was my guide for 4 days. We had a lot of laughs, at the same time he takes his business seriously! He organized a hotel in Morondava for me, which in the end was a better option than what I had originally booked online. In a lot of ways he was a big help.
Facebook: Yves Madagascar Tour Guide
Tel: +261 34 29 438 92
Live Antsirabe Madagascar
Tour organizer all of the islands
Biking, Trekking, Adventure, Car rental

Tips to eat out in Antsirabe:
From fish to beefsteak here are two restaurants I was recommended:
Zamdina and Pousse pousse



My Rating

3.5 out of 5 stars

Hotel Trecicogne

The street is lined by a lot of hotels which reminded me of other typical tourist areas. However, in the beginning of December there are hardly any tourists around because that’s when the rainy season begins and with it the off-season. So, sometimes you can try to get a little bargain on the price in hotels. In this case I didn’t. The room was small but just okay and it had an adjoining bathroom and a fan (it’s really hot). You have a little balcony and sitting spot where you can watch the locals coming out of the water with their fishing nets and going about their daily lives. Breakfast is not included in the price but you can order the typical baguette and eggs.
They have a restaurant where you can enjoy amazing fresh fish for around €4.00 – 5.00 / $4.50 –5.50, delicious! They also have WiFi which works well and some of the staff speak English. I rented a tuk-tuk for €25.00 / $28.00 for the day to do my story and to go to the Alley of the Baobabs. Most people drive there with a car and usually do so to either see the sun set or rise, which is most likely a little more expensive. The main market in Morondava had a great variety of fresh fish and fruits, I think it’s a nice one to visit if in town, just look after your stuff.

Single room: €19.00 / $21.50 a night, not incl. breakfast

Tips to eat out in Morondava:
Both famous for their sea food:
Le Corail and Patricia


This place is around 500 meters away from the airport. Yves, my guide, recommend it. It’s a little family run guest house, nothing fancy but ok for one night. First, I had a room that was small and dark and I was thinking: “I can’t sleep here.” Then the woman asked me if everything was okay, so I asked if she had another room. She said: “Yes, that room is more for a man.” I agree. I had to pay a few extra ariary but it was worth it to have a good night’s sleep. It was raining, so the woman brought me an omelet to my room. For breakfast, which was not included in the price, I was served baguette and some jam and coffee in my room. When I went to the airport in the morning, one of the staff helped me with my suitcase and brought me to the airport. For that, I of course gave him a tip. It’s convenient to stay here if you have an early plane to catch, but you might be able to find better options. They speak English.

Single room: €19.20 / $21.70 a night, not incl. breakfast



My Rating

2.5 out of 5 Stars

Villa Jeannette

This is a special place run by two French men. Thomas, the manager (who speaks English as well) was very helpful and considerate when I arrived. We enjoyed a yummy lunch together that was prepared for the staff. On the day I left, Thomas asked me what I would like to eat and then went shopping and the housekeeper prepared an amazing dinner for me. Thomas has a good heart and a bad sense of business which I hope people will not take advantage of. He will go out of his way to help you. He won’t ask for it but I recommend to always offer an adequate “thank you” at the end. There is a kitchen where you can prepare your own food and a housekeeper who will wash your laundry or cook for you for a small “thank you,” too. When I needed a ride, Thomas took me around on his motorcycle and helped me take night shots. It’s a simple place but set up with a lot of love. You won’t have the perfect shower or WiFi and you will only have a fan in your room, but you’ll have an authentic and pleasant stay! I can very much recommend this place!
Thank you Thomas and I really enjoyed this city.

A single room with a bathroom: €12.00 / $13.70 a night, not incl. breakfast


Where to eat in Diego:
You can eat at one of the many street stalls, which I would definitely recommend. Ask the people at Villa Jeannette, they will point out the best ones to you.
I also really enjoyed eating on the rooftop of Hotel Terrasse du Voyeur. They had great food and fresh juices for a good price and a beautiful view overlooking the city.



My Rating

4 out of 5 Stars

Villa Luna

This place is located right on the ocean. It’s a 15 minute drive outside of Hell-Ville, the capital of Nosy Be. It’s very quiet as there are only around 3 rooms. On arrival, they cut down a coconut from a tree as a welcome drink for me. I had a little apartment with a kitchen, a living-room, a bathroom and a terrace facing the sea and a little island. You can borrow a kayak from the guest house to get there. When I was there it was full moon, so the tide was low, but when it’s not, the ocean will be deep enough to swim and you’ll have practically the whole beach to yourself. They have a small menu featuring yummy lunch and dinner at a reasonable price. They organized a guide for me (his name was Ronaldo) which was a big help as I had so little time and everything was already set up on arrival. Ronaldo picked me up at the hotel and drove me around on a motorbike. The staff was very friendly and spoke a little English. I felt really safe here and it was the perfect place to relax after working. You will find plenty of places to eat and drink here, and in the capital even good coffee. There are a lot of Italian restaurants, as 70 percent of the tourists here are from Italy.
You can get to Nosy Be by boat, which will take longer and is a bit more adventurous, or you can travel by plane, which is a lot more expensive (€ 260.00 / $ 296.50 one way from Antananarivo) but also a lot faster. The only downside of Villa Luna is that you are not that flexible, if you don’t have a car. Tuk-tuk Taxis have to drive all the way out to fetch you, so there’s not really any way of making bargains there.
Price per room: €30.00 – 40.00 / $34.19 – 45.58 a night, not incl. breakfast

*Please note that prices may differ or fluctuate. Please contact the Hotels/Lodges directly for more information.